Filmauswahl - Summer Edition 2019


Länge: 6 Minuten

Regie: Kilian Bron und Pierre Henni


Embark with Kilian Bron to Namibia, with its huge dunes and its mysterious granite domes… The mission is simple: to go down the slopes of this magic desert with a mountain bike. A magician in a fantastic place always means fireworks!

Entre les lignes (Between the lines)

Länge: 26 Minuten

Regie: Yucca Films


Vivian Bruchez is one of the best steep skier in the world. Worthy successor of legends of the discipline such as Pierre Tardivel or Jean-Marc Boivin, Vivian looks back on his amazing 2018 winter wich saw some of his most impressive first descents. Falling is not an option, but pleasure is always the most important aspect of Vivian's adventures!

The Pathan Project

Länge: 40 Minuten

Regie: Guillaume Broust und Jean-Louis Wertz


An unexplored massif in deep in Pakistan, an unclimbed wall and a team of climbers from Belgium, France and Argentina committed to combine exploration, music and Belgian sense of humour...

Nicolas Favresse, Jean-Louis Wertz, Mathieu Maynadier and Carlitos Molina embark us in a new adventure full of surprises, French fries and twists!

Liv along the way

Länge: 24 Minuten

Regie: Switchback Entertainment

This documentary recounts the impressive project of Liv Sansoz. Former rock climbing world champion, her goal is to climb the 82 summits higher than 4000 meters in the Alps. Mixing performance, human stories and love of the mountains, the climbing champion embarks us in a wonderful and inspirational adventure!

Age of Ondra

Länge: 43 Minuten

Regie: Big Up Production


Screams and grunts, an ascent of Adam Ondra is always a rare moment of intensity! This movie tells the story of the  world's best rock climber. At 26, he has already climbed the Dawn Wall, sent the first 9c in history, and been crown world champion. But his motivation is stronger than ever, as Adam now wants to flash a 9a+, meaning that he needs to climb a route of this difficulty first try. A grade that just ten years ago was the pinnacle of difficulty and that required hundreds of tries to be climbed by the world's best climbers!

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